Launch VM instance from volume storage



A. You can launch an instance from a volume on the dashboard after you have requested an allocation (plus volume storage greater than or equal the root filesystem size you require).
  1. From the dashboard select “Allocations” then “New Requests”.
  2. Complete the form for a project specific allocation.
  3. Ensure you have a value entered in the box titled “Amount of Persistent Volumes Storage needed (GB)”.
B. Once your allocation has been confirmed, you can create a volume complete with the size you require for the root filesystem. This volume will be used as the boot disk for you instance.
  1. From the dashboard select “Images” then click the “More ▾” button at the end of the row followed by “Create Volume”.
  2. Enter all the details on the “Create Volume” screen. Make sure the “Type” box is left blank. Ensure the size is large enough for the boot disk you require.
  3. Select “QRIScloud” for the “Availability Zone” then click “Create Volume” button.
C. After you have created a volume of appropriate size containing the image you wish to boot from, you can launch an instance from this volume.
  1. From the dashboard select “Instances” and then click the “+ Launch Instance” button at the top right of the page.
  2. Complete the details on the “Launch Instance” page ensuring “Boot from Volume” is the boot source and the volume created in part B above is listed as the “Volume”.
  3. From the tabs at the top of the page select “Availability Zone” and ensure “QRIScloud” is selected.
  4. Ensure all other parameters are selected correctly for the instance and then click the “Launch” button.
You should now have a instance launched from volume storage, with the appropriate sized boot filesystem you require.


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