Service End Announcement: Nextcloud service


With much of the infrastructure on QCIF’s cloud storage services nearing its end of life, QCIF has been unable to refresh the hardware that supports Nextcloud and has to discontinue the service. The service will be terminated on:

Wednesday, 30 September 2020, 5:00pm AEST

Over the past few months, QCIF has been working with its eResearch Analyst team on the migration of affected data to alternative storage locations within its member institutions.

We advise Nextcloud users to work with their institution’s QCIF eResearch Analyst to cease using the service and move any remaining contents of their personal storage space to a new location. This will include finalising any desktop synchronisation.

QCIF has provided information to the eResearch Analysts on any data sharing links created in Nextcloud, so these can be replicated if the new location allows for it.

Once decommissioned, QRIScloud data collections will no longer be accessible via Nextcloud or through any share links that had been created using the service. However, data collections will continue to be accessible on QRIScloud via SSH/SFTP/SCP/RSYNC using applications such as CyberDuck, Filezilla, or WinSCP.


Kind regards,
QRIScloud Support.

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