Advice: QRIScloud Nextcloud extended outage: 2018-10-22 08:00 onwards


The QRIScloud Nextcloud database service is currently offline while we are restoring the main database from backups.  Our current best estimate is that the database restore will complete at around 11am tomorrow, and Nextcloud will be restored by 12 noon.

Please note that there is no risk to user files held in Nextcloud shares or QRIScloud collections. All user files are held on separate servers, and are replicated to tape, both onsite and offsite.

Yesterday morning, we were performing some pre-announced maintenance on Nextcloud (see this page).  The first step was to resize the (virtual) disk partition that holds the Nextcloud database.  Unfortunately this step failed, and destroyed the file system containing the database. To recover, we have been forced to perform a full restore of the database from a backup taken immediately prior to the start of the maintenance work. This restoration is taking a long time, due to the size of the database.

We are sorry for the inconvenience that this extended outage is causing for our users.

Alternative access methods for QRIScloud collections

For people who normally access QRIScloud collections via Nextcloud, it is possible to access your files via the QRIScloud SSH-based access servers; and  To do this, you will need either an SSH client (the "ssh" command on Mac or Linux, or "putty" on Windows), or a file transfer tool such as Filezilla, Cyberduck or WinSCP.

For more information, see Using QRIScloud Collection Storage.

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