Advice: QRIScloud collection access from NeCTAR VMs - 2018-09-03 - 08:00 to10:50


Over the weekend and this morning, we experienced an outage in RDS collection NFS access from QRIScloud NeCTAR VMs.  The symptom was that collections could not be NFS mounted and that "showmount -e <nfs-ip>" reported a timeout.

The problem was apparently in the Neutron service which coordinates network routing for NeCTAR VMs. It appears to have been a side effect of a recent OpenStack upgrade roll-out.  (This was unconnected with last Friday's announced DMF upgrade "hazard".)

The Neutron problem has now been resolved, but you will need to login to your VMs and run the command "sudo dhclient" to reestablish their network connectivity on the data network.  If you don't have admin ("sudo") rights on your VMs, ask your system's local administrator to do it.  (If you can't contact your local administrator, the OS should correct itself within a few hours, or you could request us to reboot the instance.)

We apologize for this outage.

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