Advice: QRIScloud Hazard notice for MeDiCI, UQ RDM and RDS collections: 2018-08-29 - 17:00 onwards


Following advice from our main storage vendor, we need to perform an emergency upgrade to the QRIScloud DMF servers in Polaris. The upgrade will be done by our primary storage vendor on Wednesday 29th starting at 5 pm.

The DMF servers host the Tier 3 (Infrequent access) collections and provide replication backends for all other collections, including QRIScloud-hosted UQ RDM collections.  The DMF servers are implemented as redundant pairs, and the vendor will be completing the upgrade on one server at a time, to minimise service disruptions. 

During the upgrade, there may be brief periods where direct access to QRIScloud's Tier 3 collections is stalled. If there are unexpected problems with the upgrade, there may be longer interruptions to the services or delays in the retrieval of data of from tape or the replication of new data to tape. 

We do not foresee any risk to data.

UPDATE - Upgrades completed without incident.

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