Advice: Login problems for UQ users: 2018-06-06 - resolved


For some time early this morning, various systems in QRIScloud that rely on the UQ Kerberos service to authenticate UQ users are currently experiencing problems.  Logins using a valid UQ account name and password are being refused with "permission denied" errors.  QRIScloud engineers are investigating the cause.

Affected systems include:

  • HPC systems (Awoonga, Flashlite and Tinaroo)
  • The SSH collection access systems (ssh1 / ssh2 / data)

UPDATE - 2018-06-06 - 14:50 The problem still has not been resolved.

As a temporary workaround, you could do the following:

  1. Visit the QRIScloud service portal at the following URL:
  2. Do an AAF login in the normal fashion. (Choose "The University of Queensland" as your Organization, and use your UQ account name and password to login.)
  3. When you are returned to the QRIScloud portal page, click on the button to generate a new password.
  4. Make a note of the password; e.g. save it to a temporary file on your local system.
  5. Try to login to the system using your normal SSH client.  Use your QSAC account name (should be the same as your UQ account name) and the QSAC password that you just generated.

UPDATE - 2018-06-07- 09:40 The problem has now been resolved for all affected systems.  If you continue to experience problems logging in, please raise a support ticket with QRIScloud Support or UQ RCC as appropriate.


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