Advice: QRIScloud NeCTAR Volume Storage Hazard: 2018-06-08 onwards


Starting on Friday 8th June, we will be replacing servers in the QRIScloud NeCTAR Ceph storage cluster with servers from the decommissioned QRIScloud GCI Ceph cluster.  This work will take a number of weeks, and should be transparent to users.  The storage cluster will maintain its current "2 copy" replication policy at all times.

We do not anticipate any problems from this procedure.  However, we advise all users of QRIScloud NeCTAR volume storage to ensure that their backup procedures are working. If you do not take regular backups, we recommend that you take a backup before the hazard window starts.

UPDATE 2018-06-08 - For staff availability reasons, the work has been rescheduled to start on Monday 11th.

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