Advice: Interruptions to QRIScloud services for security patching: 2018-01-12


QRIScloud operations staff will be applying operating system patches to various services on our "presentation" infrastructure to address Meltdown / Spectre issues. The work is likely to be done some time this afternoon (Friday 12th January), depending on staff availability.

The list of services that may be affected include:

  • The SSH-based collection access services: ssh1 and ssh2.
  • The LDAP servers: should be non-impacting.
  • The HAproxy servers for QRIScloud NeCTAR local services: should be non-impacting.
  • The QRIScloud NeCTAR Cinder and Manilla control servers: should only affect storage control operations; e.g. creation of volumes.
  • The QRIScloud NeCTAR NAT servers: should be non-impacting.
  • The GridFTP service.
  • The Nextcloud service.

The interruption of service is likely to at most 20 minutes in each case as the operating system is patched and the virtual machine is rebooted.  In some cases (the ones listed as non-impacting) services the interruption should not be visible to users.

We apologize for the short notice.

UPDATE: This round of patching has been completed

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