Advice: Scheduled reboot of compute node CN09 - POSTPONED (was 2016-10-04 at 11:00)


For operational reasons, QRIScloud compute node CN09 needs a full reboot. We intend to do this at 11am on Tuesday 24th of October.  All instances that are running on the node at the time will be shut down, and then manually restarted after the hardware reboot has completed.  We will notify the shutdown and restart events on the @QRIScloud Twitter feed.

If you have an instance on CN09 that needs to be restarted in a particular way, we advise you to manually shut it down beforehand, and then restart when you see the tweet to say that the compute node has been restarted.

An email will be sent to all users with instances on CN09, referring to this announcement.

This would also be a good time to do some house-keeping:

  1. terminate any NeCTAR instances that you are no longer actively using,
  2. check that your NeCTAR instances are all fully patched,
  3. review the Security Group settings for your instances, and
  4. review your instance backup procedures and check that your backups are working.

UPDATE - 2016-10-04 - The scheduled work on CN09 has been postponed due to staff illness.  If you shut down any of your systems / instances as a precaution, you may restart them.


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