Advice: Euramoo reduction in capacity (from 2016-10-27 to 2016-11-17)


A critical security patch needs to be applied to all login and compute nodes of Euramoo.  Application of the patch involves installing the patch and rebooting the node.   In this situation,  Euramoo will, at times operate at reduced capacity as nodes are taken offline to be patched and rebooted.

Initially the LongWallTime queue will be reconfigured (as of 2016-10-27)  to accept jobs but not schedule them for processing.   Existing jobs will run to termination,  thus freeing nodes to be taken offline for patch application.

Other job submission queues will continue to operate but at reduced capacity while nodes are taken offline, and patched and rebooted.

When the patching and rebooting is complete for all nodes, the LongWallTime queue will be re-enabled to schedule jobs for processing.

It is anticipated this reduction in capacity will be spread out over several days, up to approximately ten days.

We apologise for the inconvenience and reduction in service capacity.

UPDATE - 2016-11-18 - As of today, Euramoo is back to normal capacity levels.

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