Advice: Outage affecting tier2 RDSI collections: 2016-09-08 - 16:50 to 12:30


There is a problem with the NFS servers that house all RDSI Tier 2 collections in Polaris.  The collections are currently all inaccessible from Euramoo, Flashflite, Tinaroo, the Data Access service systems and via NFS mounts on NeCTAR instances.

QCIF / RCC engineers are investigating the problem.

UPDATE - 2016-09-09 @ 10:25 - the problem has been escalated to the hardware vendor.

UPDATE - 2016-09-09 @ 12:10 - the root cause of the issues is that one of the RAID arrays has detected problems and is currently performing a media-level "verify" for one of the tier 2 storage pools.  Other complications are preventing us from restore partial NFS service for the other tier 2 storage pools.

UPDATE - 2016-09-09 @ 13:10 - we have resolved the problems.  The NFS server came back online at about 12:30.

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