Advice: Outage of the DNS domain * 2016-10-12


This morning we became aware that DNS entries in the "*" domain had disappeared from DNS, resulting in address lookup failures.  This would affect any system in QRIScloud (or elsewhere) that relies on DNS lookup for addresses in that domain.  At this point, we think this mostly restricted to services that should not be user impacting, though we believe that Euramoo compute nodes may also be affected.

The source of the problem was rectified by the managers of the "" domain at 08:45 (Qld time).  However, it will take some time for the DNS changes to propagate.

UPDATE - 10:25 - The outage is preventing Euramoo PBS from scheduling any jobs.  It may take up to 24 hours for the problem to remedy itself.

UPDATE - 11:45 - Due to fallout from this issue, NeCTAR have temporarily disabled the QRIScloud cell / availability zone in the NeCTAR Dashboard.  This will affect your ability to perform management operations on instance and volumes in the QRIScloud AZ.

UPDATE - 16:00 - The QRIScloud AZ has been re-enabled in NeCTAR, but there is still a problem with the Euramoo job scheduler.

UPDATE - 16:45 - We have noticed that the UQ name servers are now resolving "*" once again.

UPDATE - 09:00 - All issues related to the DNS problem have been resolved.

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