Advice: Potential QRIScloud networking disruption: 2016-10-18 (after hours)


At a time to be announced, in the next few days, UQ ITS will be performing some changes to the Polaris network routing configurations that are prerequisites for the rollout of NSP and Medici in QRIScloud.  While we do not anticipate any noticeable outage, there is the potential for disruption due to unforeseen issues.

We are waiting on the UQ ITS Networks group to inform us of the scheduled time for making the changes, but we have asked that they do the work after hours (i.e. after 5pm) to minimize any potential impact.

This advice will be updated when we are informed of the actual schedule by UQ ITS.

UPDATE - 2016-10-17 - 13:10 - We have been informed that the changes will be performed on Tuesday evening between 5pm and 6pm.

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