Advice: QRIScloud Brisbane Network Outage: 2016-07-04 - 03:20 to 11:00 (resolved)


We are experiencing a major networking outage in the Polaris data centre.

We are attempting to contact UQ ITS networking staff to help diagnose the problem.

UPDATE - 09:45 - The initial diagnosis is that one of the main network switches in the data centre has hung and needs to be physically power-cycled.  A network engineer is on the way to the data centre to do this.  ETA, about 1 hour.

UPDATE - 10:40 - Network access is restored, but the QRIScloud NeCTAR cell is still "disabled".  That will be restored shortly.

UPDATE - 11:05 - The QRIScloud AZ has been reenabled at the NeCTAR level.  If you notice any follow-on problems, please send a support request: <>.


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