Advice: QRISdata Tier2 NFS interruption: 2016-07-12 - after hours


Some time after 6pm in the evening of July 12th, there will be an outage affecting the NFS servers for QRISdata Tier2 collections and file-shares. This outage is to perform an NFS service "fail over" from the primary server to the alternate server so that the vendor engineers can apply software upgrades. The fail-over procedure is likely to take a minute or so.

During the outage, any application that is reading or writing a file on a collection or HPC file-share on the affected NFS server will temporarily freeze.  Once the outage is completed, the activity will resume automatically.  If an attempt is made to mount or automount a collection or file share during the outage, the system is likely to experience a temporary mount failure.

If you need more information, please contact <>

UPDATE - the failover occurred as scheduled.

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