Advice: AARNET link failure affecting QRIScloud: 2016-06-08 22:30 - 2016-06-09 10:40


QRIScloud services in Polaris are inaccessible due to an AARNET link failure that happened overnight.

UPDATE - 2016-06-09 - 09:30 - Apparently the failure happened around 10:30 last night.  There was a hardware failure one of the optical fibre line cards that connect QRIScloud / Polaris to AARNET.

UQ ITS are managing this incident.  AARNET engineers are currently on the way to the Polaris data centre to replace the failed card.  We have been told by UQ ITS that there is an ETA of 10:15 for fixing the problem.

UPDATE - 2016-06-09 - 09:45 - It looks like the link is working once more.  (No official word yet.)

UPDATE - 2016-06-09 - 10:00 - NeCTAR Dashboard actions in the QRIScloud AZ are still disabled while things are being checked out. It will be re-enabled soon.  Access to instances, collections and HPC should already be restored.

UPDATE - 2016-06-09 - 10:40 - NeCTAR Dashboard re-enabled for QRIScloud AZ.  Outage over.


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