WITHDRAWN: Temporary arrangements for Interactive jobs on Euramoo


NOTE: Permission to use this workaround is WITHDRAWN, effective 2016-07-01.

Euramoo is currently experiencing problems with scheduling of interactive jobs. We have been attempting to diagnose and fix the problem, but it is taking a long time to get a resolution.

As a temporary measure you are permitted do the following to run application interactively:

  • If your interactive application requires an AMD processor, you are permitted to run it on one of the three login nodes.  Please choose a login node (euramoo1, euramoo2, euramoo3) that is not busy. 
  • If your application requires an Intel processor or Biolinux, you are permitted to SSH to one of the Intel or Biolinux compute nodes that are currently "offline" to run the job.

    On a login node, run "pbsnodes -ln offline" for a list of the offline nodes. Pick one that is "reserved for offline use", and then use "ssh <node-name>" to connect to it.

    The Euramoo User Guide explains how to generate the SSH keys the you will need to do this.

In either case, be aware that you may be sharing the node with other users without the normal resource constraints of the scheduler.

Please note that we do not normally condone either of these behaviors.  This is only a stop-gap measure for people who really need to run an application interactively while the problem is being fixed.



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