Instructions for Flashlite NCMAS CIs and Users



Flashlite access is currently being made available to selected research groups via the NCI NCMAS program.  This document describes the special procedures that NCMAS users need to follow when applying for and using Flashlite.

  • All NCMAS users need to register a Flashlite account, and read the NCMAS specific instructions about job submission. 
  • NCMAS CI's also need to arrange for someone to manage their "NCMAS account group".

Registering a Flashlite account

Users associated with an NCMAS project need to register a Flashlite account in the same way as other users do.

  1. Register an account on the QRIScloud user portal.
    • Vist the QRIScloud user portal and clicking on the MyAccount tab. 
    • If you don't already have a portal account, this will send you to a page where you need to fill in some details that will allow us to contact you.
    • Fill in the details accurately, and submit the form.  The account creation is automatic.
  2. Register to use Flashlite:
    • Go to the Services page, and click on the "Register to use Flashlite".
    • Fill in the details, and mention the NCMAS project id.
    • People who were listed on the NCMAS project application are "pre-approved".  Other users need to be confirmed by the CI.
    • When your application has been processed, you will receive an email with instructions on how to access and use Flashlite.

Running jobs on Flashlite

The email you receive when your Flashlite account is registered will contain general information and links to documentation.

As an NCMAS users you are required to use the specific account string associated with your project when submitting jobs.  For example, if you are member of the "z42" project, then you sould use "-A NCMAS-z42" as the account string when you submit jobs.

If you cannot use the account string when submitting jobs:

  • ask your CI to check that you have been added to the NCMAS account group, and
  • check that it is listed when you run the "groups" command on Flashlite.

If that doesn't solve your problem, please raise a QRIScloud support ticket.

Managing the NCMAS account group

Each NCMAS Flashlite project has an associated "account group". This group determines which Flashlite users are able to submit jobs using the project's account string.

Responsibility for managing the project's account group falls on the CI using the QRIScloud portal.  (Go to your "MyServices" page).  This responsibility can be delegated to another project member.

The group management procedures are documented in the Guide to Managing Group Access document.

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