Advice: Intermittent problems access QRISdata RDSI collections - 2015-11-16 (resolved)


We have had a report of a user having difficulty accessing their RDSI collection while using an SSH key to authenticate.  The symptom is that when you ssh (or scp, sftp or rsync) to the collection VM, it may not accept your public key.  If you immediately try again after a failure, the collection VM just resets the network connection.

The cause of this issue and a fix have been tentatively identified.  We intend to apply the fix to all collection VMs later this week.

In the meantime, you can use the following workaround:

  1. Wait more than 10 minutes from the last (failed) attempt to access the VM.  (The connection resets are caused by fail2ban, which blocks access for 10 minutes after a failed authentication attempt.)
  2. Use "ssh" or "putty" to login to the collection VM using the collection's RW account and password.
  3. Force the collection to be automounted by running "ls -l ~".
  4. Check that you can read "~/.ssh/authorized_keys", and that it still contains the public key for the key-pair you were trying to use.
  5. Logout, and attempt to run the ssh / scp / sftp / rsync command that was failing previously.

If this workaround does not work for you, please contact QRIScloud support.

UPDATE 2015-11-20 - The underlying issue has been resolved.

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