Advice: New NeCTAR instances cannot NFS mount QRISdata collections: 2015-11-16 (resolved)


We have discovered a problem with the QRIScloud integration for RDSI collections that allows instances to NFS mount collections. Specifically, when a new instance is launched in a NeCTAR tenant that is "enabled" for NFS access, the instance is not being correctly authorized for NFS access.

This issue only affects newly / recently launched instances.  Older instances that have been able to access NFS previously should not be affected.

At this stage, we are not aware of any users who are being adversely affected by this issue.  Please raise a QRIScloud support ticket if it affects you.

UPDATE 2015-11-17 11:00 - The root cause for this have been fixed.  New instances should now be able to NFS mount collections, subject to tenant enablement for the collections.

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