Advice: Outage for QRISData / RDSI collections on HSM - 2015-10-22 - after 21:00 (completed)


There will be a planned outage of the Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM) system that holds QRISdata / RDSI "tier 3" collections in the Polaris data centre. The outage is required to perform firmware and operating system updates on the server that provides the HSM' systems disk cache. These updates are to address reliability issues.

The planned window for the outage is 1 hour from 9am to 10am on Thursday 22nd October 2015.

The nature of thees updates mean that collection downtime is required in order to minimize the risk of data loss.  Affected collections will be inaccessible for some or all of the outage window.  The outage does not materially change the replication guarantees.

An outage notification will be emailed to the custodian and technical contacts for all affected RDSI collections.  We apologize in advance for any convenience that the outage may cause.

UPDATE - due to unforeseen circumstances, the HSM maintenance work could not be done this morning.  It has been rescheduled for this evening, sometime after 9pm (Brisbane time).  The outage is likely to be shorter than envisaged.

UPDATE 2 - the rescheduled upgrade was performed without any incident.




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