Advice: QRIScloud metadata service affecting newly launched instances: 2015-11-02 (resolved)


We are currently experiencing problems the Neutron Metadata Services in QRIScloud.  As a consequence:

  • the cloud-init scripts that run at instance startup may fail,
  • newly launched instances may be unable to insert SSH keys leading to failure when you attempt to SSH to the instance,
  • instances that rely on CloudMan may not start properly.

A possible workaround for (non-Cloudman) users is to launch from a snapshot which already has SSH keys or a root password. It may also be possible to launch an instance in a different zone, snapshot it, and launch the snapshot in QRIScloud.

Note that this does not affect instances that are currently running.  Only newly launched instances should be affected.

UPDATE: 2015-11-03 09:15 - The problem is still unresolved.

UPDATE: 2015-11-03 14:15 - The problem has been resolved.  QRIScloud instances that are still experiencing metadata related issues should be hard rebooted.  If you encounter further problems with the metadata servers, please raise a QRIScloud support ticket.


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