Advice: NeCTAR-wide upgrades to OpenStack Kilo.


Over the next few weeks, operations staff at all nodes in the NeCTAR Research Cloud federation are working to upgrade the NeCTAR OpenStack infrastructure to the Kilo release. Kilo will bring numerous improvements and bug fixes to a range of NeCTAR services.  Please refer to the OpenStack Kilo release notes for details of the changes.

The Kilo upgrades involve a number of steps being performed by different nodes over a period of a few weeks.  The current NeCTAR schedule is for all Kilo upgrade work to be completed by November 5th.

NeCTAR have stated that the Kilo upgrade should not entail any noticeable outages.  However, if you do notice occasional glitches in the NeCTAR Research Cloud in this period, they could be related to the upgrades.  Please report any significant issues to QRIScloud Support.


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