Advice: eRSA volume storage outage: 2015-09-18 (15:00) to 2015-09-21 (13:00)


The following outage announcement has been sent to all NeCTAR users.

Dear NeCTAR Research Cloud User,

This email is to inform you the following scheduled outage of Volume services in SA availability zone.
DURATION:       70 hours
START TIME:      15:00 ACST Fri September 18th 2015
END TIME:        13:00 ACST Mon September 21th 2015

The University of Adelaide in conjunction with SA Power networks are performing mandatory power maintenance on the Plaza data centre. As a result all eRSA systems in this data centre will be shutdown to accommodate the work.

Since our Cinder service is hosted in the data centre, during the outage period, all Cinder volumes in the SA zone will be unavailable.

To avoid (I/O)errors of your applications reading or writing volumes, it is recommended that you umount your volumes before the outage, and then re-mount your volumes after the outage. For those volumes mounted as vda for root partition, you need to shutoff your instance before the outage and start/reboot your instance after the outage

Note that only volumes attached to the instances listed below will be affected.

Tenant QCIF_Infrastructure (5c82a057e8314c3abd6adb14f55129de) manages the following volumes:

  Volume ID: 17d53ceb-2ecc-4769-ba92-5314edd21aa3
    Currently attached to instance 'backups_qriscloud' (2517e807-4640-49e0-a836-ea2015b6430a)

If you have any queries regarding this outage, please contact us by email: .

We apologise for the inconvenience caused by this outage and thank you for your patience.


The NeCTAR Research Cloud Support Team@eRSA

This email has been sent to all users of the NeCTAR Research Cloud. It has been sent to the email address associated with your Research Cloud login. These emails are essential communications which we endeavour to keep to a minimum. They only relate to events that may affect your NeCTAR Research Cloud resources or data integrity. If you receive multiple copies of this email, it may be due to the fact that you are a member of multiple projects.

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