Installing DMF tools on a QRIScloud NeCTAR instance



This article is only relevant to people who have access to a QRISdata collection that is held on HSM, and who have made arrangements to NFS mount it to a NeCTAR instance.

You also need "sudo" access on the instance.

Availability of DMF client tools Installers

SGI do not make the installers for DMF tools publicly available, but UQ RCC has been authorized by SGI to make them available at this location for installation on QRIScloud instances:


There are installers at that location for the following Linux and Unix distros:

  • RedHat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) version 5.x
  • RedHat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) version 6.x
  • SUSE Enterprise Linux Server (SLES) version 11.x
  • Solaris

Official RHEL 7 and SLES 12 installers are due to be made available by SGI later this year.

Installation and testing

  1. Ensure that the instance has the collection mounted, and that the mount is working.
  2. Using your preferred web browser, go to the URL above, and select and download the installer that most closely matches your instance's operating system version.
  3. Install the downloaded package using the relevant package installer; e.g. the "rpm" command on RedHat based systems.
  4. Run the "dmls -l" command on the colelction's root directory.  You should see the DMF state included in the output for each file.

Compatibility with NeCTAR Linux images

Unfortunately, none of the SGI installers precisely match the Linux images supported by NeCTAR.  However I have been told by an SGI engineer that the tools are pretty forgiving.  He mentioned the following:

  • The RHEL RPMs will work on NeCTAR CentOS and Scientific Linux images with the same major version numver.
  • The RHEL 6.x RPMs seemed to work on RHEL 7.
  • It is worth trying to use the "alien" tool to convert RPMs to DEBs and then trying installing the DEBs on Ubuntu or Debian.

DNF client tools versus NFS automount

We have had reports (thanks Derek!) that the DMF client tools do not work with NFS automount / autofs.  However, if you change your automounts to hard mounts, apparently it works reliably. 

(The problem could simply be that the DMF client tools do not trigger automounting.  This implies that running "ls" on your collection's root directory would be a workaround. )

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