Advice: QRIScloud NeCTAR API outage + RDSI collection outage - 19/05/2015 - 12:45


We are currently experiencing an outage with some of the OpenStack infrastructure that is causing control requests to fail. Users' existing NeCTAR instances are not affected, but Dashboard operations may be failing.

In addition, there is a related problem with the RDSI collections that caused some of them to remount incorrectly.  At this stage we don't know the extent of this problem.  (If you see the wrong files turning up in your RDSI collection, please do not attempt to modify or delete them!)

UPDATE (15:30) - We think that the NeCTAR and RDSI collection issues have now been resolved, but we are still tidying up some things. If you see any evidence that there are still problems, please submit a support ticket.  As far as we know, the RDSI issue was limited to 2 collections (Q0119, and Q0127) and caused no loss of data.

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    Derek Benson

    I think the time against this post is GMT

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    Derek Benson

    Actually, the time is GMT on the mobile site only.

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