Advice: Emergency QRIScloud RDSI collection outage - 14/05/2015 - 13:00 to 14:00 (completed).


Late yesterday a serious security vulnerability was disclosed in the QEMU hypervisor software that we use on our cloud computing platform.  A detailed explanation of the VENOM (CVE02015-3456) vulnerability may be found here.

Given the seriousness of this vulnerability, NeCTAR is taking steps for emergency patching to be applied to the NeCTAR infrastructure, including the compute nodes that run all NeCTAR RC instances.  Details for the NeCTAR-wide patching are still being finalized, but an outage will be required  In the meantime, we are taking steps to patch other parts of the QRIScloud infrastructure. This includes the nodes that run the "RDSI Collection VMs". 

Starting from about 13:00 today, there will be an outage for all QRIScloud collection VMs to reboot the underlying compute nodes and restart the hypervisors.  We anticipate that individual collection VMs will experience an outage of up to 15 minutes.

UPDATE (13:40) - All collection VMs have restarted and should now be online.  We are just waiting for the automated checks to go "green".

Final UPDATE - All checks are now "green".




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