Advice: QRIScloud outage - 13/05/2015 (resolved)


We are currently experiencing an outage on the NFS servers that host the QRIScloud RDSI collections.  All collections are currently inaccessible.

QRIScloud operations staff are currently investigating. Evidence suggests that this is network related.  (Updated - 12:25)

Apparently the UQ <-> Polaris network link has failed. This is affecting access from UQ to QRIScloud compute (e.g. NeCTAR VMs).  (Updated 12:32)

ITS are still investigating the network problems. Most NeCTAR virtuals are now accessible, but there is an issue with a management subnet which is blocking our access to the NFS servers. Apparently the UQ link to Polaris is still down. (Update 14:11)

We have received notification that the network link has been restored.  QRIScloud RDSI collection access should now be functioning again.  If you notice further problems, please raise a support ticket. (Update 14:43)

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