Advice: QRIScloud RDSI collections outage - 2015-06-12 - 15:00pm to 17:45pm (resolved)


We are currently experiencing an outage with the RDSI collections in QRIScloud.  Collection VMs and users' NeCTAR VMs are currently unable to talk to the NFS servers that hold the data.  This is preventing people from logging in.

QRIScloud operations staff are investigating the cause of the problems.

UPDATE (17:25pm) - The source of the problem has been identified.  It is a network routing issue within the compute nodes that means that NFS network traffic from within VMs is not making it to the storage network. (The good news is that there is no discernible risk of damage to collection data on the servers.)

UPDATE (18:00) - We were able to resolve the problem at about 17:45.


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