Advice: NeCTAR emergency outages for VENOM patching - 14/05/2015 - 15:00 onwards (completed)


All NeCTAR tenant managers and users should have been emailed an NeCTAR announcement about rolling outages starting this afternoon to deploy patches to all NeCTAR infrastructure.  This includes the compute nodes that run your virtual machines in QRIScloud and in other availability zones.  This relates to the VENOM vulnerability that was disclosed last night.

The official NeCTAR announcement can also be read here.

Starting at 15:00 today, QRIScloud will be progressively rebooting its NeCTAR compute nodes to deploy the patches.  All active instances in a compute node will be Shut Down, the node will be rebooted, and then the previously active instances will be Started.

We anticipate that individual Instances are likely to experience an outage of 15 to 30 minutes.  Unfortunately, it is not practical to give you specific time for individual instances, or to "hold off" the outage for specific instances.

If your NeCTAR instances will be impacted by these rolling forced shutdowns, we advise you to take steps to shut them down in an orderly fashion ahead of the outage.

We apologize for this inconvenience and the short notice, but it is critical that this patch is applied as soon as possible.

UPDATE (15:52) - Rolling QRIScloud instance outages are starting now.

UPDATE - Outages were completed by 20:00.

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