Advice: NeCTAR "Juno upgrade" rollout on QRIScloud - 11/05/2015 to 05/06/2015


The NeCTAR Federation (including QCIF / QRIScloud) is in the process of rolling out the "Juno" release of Openstack to all nodes. You may have already seen changes to the NeCTAR Dashboard, including new NeCTAR "flavours" when you launch instances. Juno has many general improvements and stability fixes which will help to address various problems that some users have been experiencing. (For more information on Juno, please refer to the release notes.)

Commencing on 11/05/2015 (next Monday) we plan to roll out the remaining Juno upgrades to QRIScloud.  The roll out will be phased, and may take up to 4 weeks; i.e. until Friday 05/06/2015.  We are also hoping to reenter the NeCTAR Swift cluster in this time window.  This should improve Object Storage performance for QRIScloud users.

We do not anticipate that the Juno upgrade rollout will cause any disruption to QRIScloud user's VMs, or to NeCTAR Dashboard functionality. However, if you do experience "loss of service" or unexpected behavior in QRIScloud, please report it to us promptly as a QRIScloud support request. Support requests may be lodged by via the different methods listed on the QRIScloud Support page.

UPDATE - Starting at 4:30pm on 02/06/2015 we will be implementing a Juno-related change to improve the availability and resilience the back-end databases that underpin the OpenStack infrastructure in QRIScloud.  No disruption is anticipated.

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