Advice: QRIScloud Compute Node outage - 28/04/2015


UPDATE at 10:05 am:

The Compute Node has been rebooted and the instances are currently powering up.  If your instance doesn't come back, please contact QRIScloud Support.

Original Announcement:

Early this morning we experienced a failure on one of the compute nodes (CN49) in the QRIScloud availability zone.  (The compute nodes are the machines that run NeCTAR instances for researchers.)

This outage is currently affecting the following QRIScloud instances on CN49:

1kAt  -
ARMS2B_VicNode_Prod -
LDAP Server Test Setup -
Omeka v2.0 Prod 2 -
OpenLDAP -
QRIScloud -
Server 7aba905d-97a5-4ac2-97af-3a8696619012  -
Server c40642a0-4051-426e-9319-b8e2b834b037 -
TERN-build -
b314chr -
b314lql -
celery_antenna_worker_4 -
galaxy-qld-head-node -
htcondor -
jcu-cc-dam-QRISCloud - -
nad_ner -
rcc-website -
scb-ta-111114 -
shihab -
socrates -
walsp -
zabbix-server -

We are awaiting tier 3 support to diagnose and fix the problem, but at this stage we do not anticipate any damage to the instances.  The instances should be back in "and hour or so".


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