Advice - DC2 data centre migration


The advice below has been sent to the contact person for each VM on the "qld" availability zone in the NeCTAR Research Cloud. 

Dear NeCTAR Research Cloud User, 

You are currently running at least one virtual machine (VM) at the DC2 data centre at The University of Queensland, St Lucia ("qld" availability zone). As part of the next stage of QRIScloud compute service improvements, existing VM capacity at the St Lucia data centre will be temporarily decommissioned and then consolidated into the new QRIScloud capacity at the state of the art Dell Polaris Data Centre at Springfield. QCIF has committed to have migrated all QRIScloud services from the St Lucia DC2 data centre by end February 2015 

To allow decommissioning and relocation of the hardware on which your VM is currently running, you will need to Terminate or move your VM(s) before Friday, 30 January 2015.

If you no longer need your VM, please Terminate it as soon as possible. 

If you want to keep using your VM, you will need to Snapshot it and Launch from the snapshot in the "QRIScloud" availability zone (Polaris), or any other availability zone in the NeCTAR Research Cloud. (See * and ** below.)

Instructions on safely snapshotting and relaunching are available at Do not Terminate your existing "qld" instances until you are certain that your snapshot has saved and can be successfully relaunched in the new availability zone. 

If you need extra quota in order to be able to launch in "QRIScloud" or other zones, please request this temporary upgrade via the NeCTAR dashboard:

Once you have your VM(s) successfully running in "QRIScloud", please Terminate your existing "qld" VM(s).

* Users who have an RDSI collection associated with their NeCTAR project will be managed separately. Please wait until we contact you regarding the migration of your RDSI collection data. You should receive an email about this in the next day or so.

** Users who have used Volume storage in the "qld" availability zone will receive an additional email in the next day or so explaining how to migrate this data. Please wait for this information as there are several issues of which you need to be aware.



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