Advice - DC2 RDSI Collection Migration


The advice below has been sent to all contacts for all RDSI collections currently located in the DC2 data centre.

Dear RDSI Collection User,

We currently have you listed as the Data custodian, Storage requestor or Technical contact for least one RDSI Collection that is provisioned by QCIF and is located in the DC2 data centre at The University of Queensland, St Lucia.

As part of the next stage of QRIScloud service improvements, existing storage capacity at the St Lucia data centre is due to be temporarily decommissioned and then consolidated into the new QRIScloud capacity at the state of the art Polaris Data Centre at Springfield.  To allow decommissioning and relocation of the DC2 hardware that stores your collection, we need to migrate your collection to Polaris.  QCIF is committed to have moved all QRIScloud services out of the St Lucia DC2 data centre by the end of Febuary 2015.

The total amount of data that needs to be moved across the network in the next couple of months is approaching 1 petabyte.  Because of this, we need to do the migrations pro-actively.  All collections will be transferred, but we are currently prioritizing the difficult cases first.

Unfortunately, all RDSI collection migrations need to be completed by the end of January 2015.  This is a hard deadline, and we cannot make any exceptions.

The procedure for RDSI collection migrations is as follows:

  1. We will create migration ticket for each affected collections in the QRIScloud / service desk.  

  2. We will reserver storage space in Polaris, and perform a "first sync" to copy the bulk of the data to Polaris.

  3. We will email you to agree a time to make the collection read-only.  (If we can't contact you, we will give you 2 business days notice and then make the collection read-only.)

  4. When the collection is read-only, we will perform a "final sync" to push any changes made since the first copy.

  5. Then we will provision the new Collection VM in Polaris, make the collection read-write again, and enable NFS mounting by NeCTAR VMs in Polaris.

  6  We then ask you to check that the data has been transferred correctly, and that you can access it via the collection VM, and from Polaris NeCTAR VMs.

  7. When you confirm that the data is safely in Polaris, we will delete the old (now possibly stale) DC2 copy.

  8. Finally, you need to agree to a End User Licence Agreement (EULA) that sets out the terms and conditions for using QRIScloud storage.  (We are required by UQ legal to do this.)
Once the migration has completed, your collection VM will have the same DNS name and you will use the same access credentials.  The IP address will have changed.

The following applies only to people who currently NFS mount their RDSI collections from a NeCTAR VM (in DC2).

  - You will also have received an email about migrating those VMs.  The January deadline applies here too.

  - There is a hard technical constraint that you can only mount an RDSI collection from a NeCTAR VM in the same data centre.

  - Therefore, you will need to time your VM migration to fit in with your collection migrations, and your business needs.

  - The NFS "mount" details will be different in Polaris.  The NFS server IP address is different, and the "prefix" for the collection path is different.  See for these details.  We will inform you of the "prefix" to use when your migration is completed.

If you have any queries regarding this matter, please contact us by email:


The QRIScloud Support Team

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