QRIScloud Brisbane Stage 3 - Initial Outage Advice


QRIScloud Brisbane Stage 3 - Initial Outage Advice

APPROVED G CHEN 24/10/2014

FROM: QRIScloud Support

SUBJECT: PLANNED OUTAGES -  QRIScloud Brisbane Data Services -  6:00 am Saturday 8 November to 6:00 am Sunday 9 November AND 6:00 am Saturday 22 November to 6:00 am Sunday 23 November 


Please be advised that there will be TWO scheduled service outages to some QRIScloud Brisbane data services (collections, collections development):


6:00 am Saturday 8 November to 6:00 am Sunday 9 November, AND

6:00 am Saturday 22 November to 6:00 am Sunday 23 November.


These outages will affect all collections currently hosted at QRIScloud Brisbane's Polaris Data Centre (see list below). Other QRIScloud Collections hosted at UQ St Lucia and QRIScloud Townsville Data Services will NOT be impacted by these scheduled outages. QRIScloud Compute (NeCTAR VM) services will NOT be directly impacted but collections storage accessed by those VMs and hosted at Polaris will not be accessible.

These outage are required to upgrade existing collections capacity to deliver the full planned QRIScloud range of data storage services. This involves the installation of a large amount of new equipment and associated software that will greatly expand capacity and offer an enhanced quality of service to users. Our service provider UQ Research Computing Centre and Vendor SGI have worked with QCIF to eliminate any business hours impact and have opted to spread the outage across two weekends.

It is likely that services will be restored earlier than the scheduled outage completion time. An advisory notice will appear on the QRIScloud service desk portal when the services have been restored.

If you have any concerns about this outage or need more information, please contact the QRIScloud Service Desk via email or phone +61 7 3346 4334.

QCIF will provide reminders approximately  one week prior, one day before and on the day of the outage. 

QRIScloud Data Collections Impacted:

Q0001 Stemformatics Normalised Datasets and UCSC Tracks
Q0008 Lambert Ancient and Modern DNA Sequence Collections and Analyses
Q0009 QUT Science and Engineering Centre Structure Instrumentation Project
Q0011 Plant Genomics Sequence Data. Transcriptome, amplicon and genomics data generated for various plant species using next generation sequencing
Q0012 TERN AusCover Satellite Remote Sensing Data Products
Q0015 EPR and its Application to Structural Chemistry and Biology
Q0017 ShoreView Continuous Geo-referenced Imagery and Data
Q0025 UQx Online
Q0030 ARCS - Data Fabric Archive
Q0033 MangroveWatch Coastal Habitat Assessment & Monitoring Portal (CHAMP)
Q0046 Storm Surge Risk Scenarios for the East Coast of Queensland
Q0051 Acoustic Workbench
Q0053 Novel Strategies for the Prediction and Control of Advanced Breast Cancer via nanoscaled Epigenetic-Based Biosensors
Q0054 Marine Genomics: Sea Sponge and Other Invertebrate Genomic Resources for the Great Barrier Reef
Q0058 Semaphore N20 Data
Q0065 EBI Mirror
Q0073 Zeus MRI Image Collection
Q0076 SEQ Ultraviolet and Cloud Measurement Data Collection
Q0077 OccIDEAS
Q0079 GetSolar
Q0082 Weather Model Output
Q0083 QBI Imaging Repository
Q0084 A Conceptual History of Human Evolutionary Science
Q0085 The Cultural Dimensions of Resilience to Extreme Weather Events
Q0086 Whole-Brain Calcium Imaging of Zebrafish Seizures
Q0089 Predictive Logistic Likelihood of Occurrence of Mammals Based on Climatic Suitability
Q0090 Genomes and Metagenome Sequencing and Sequence Analysis of the Microbes from the Great Artesian Basin, Australia
Q0092 UQ Thoracic Research Centre Lung Research Datasets
Q0093 Mirror of the 1000 Genomes Project
Q0094 Everyday Digital Lives: Capturing and Studying Digital Literacy Narratives
Q0095 World Heritage and Environment
Q0096 Vector-Borne Disease Network (VecNet)
Q0098 PolarBase Mirror
Q0099 National Centre for Engineering in Agriculture
Q0100 Genomics of development and disease
Q0101 NCEA's Remote Monitoring and Automatic Detection of Grain Crop Attributes for GRDC Variety Trials
Q0102 QUT Speech, Audio and Video Technology Data Collection
Q0103 Planetary Dynamics and Habitability
Q0104 Australian Digital Futures Institute Data Collection
Q0105 Prawn Industrial Transformation Research Hub
Q0106 Dugong Aerial Survey Database
Q0107 Centre for Advanced Imaging Data Store
Q0108 Healthy Ecosystems and Environmental Monitoring Group data
Q0109 Diamantina Institute Processing Pipeline
Q0110 Centre for Australian Military and Veterans' Health Datasets
Q0111 Psychology, Counselling, and Psychotherapy Consultation Digital Communication Talk Bank
Q0112 Micro-CT scan data for fossil dinosaur bones
Q0113 Australian Wheat
Q0115 University of Queensland Center for Clinical Genomics (UQCCG) Genomic Medicine Project
Q0116 Transcriptome Associated to Puberty in Bos indicus Cattle
Q0117 Collaborative Environment for Ecosystem Science Research and Analysis
Q0118 Backup for Australian Access Federation (AAF)


Thanks for your feedback and support in enabling this important improvement to QRIScloud services.

Graham Chen

eResearch manager



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