Scheduled Outage (Changed) - Outage No. 3 Reminder


FROM: QRIScloud Support

SUBJECT: OUTAGE REMINDER CHANGED QRIScloud Brisbane Data Services (Polaris6:00 am Sunday 9 November to 6:00 am Monday 10 November 


This is to remind clients of the outage as advised previously in QRIScloud Brisbane Stage 3 - Initial Outage Advice and Scheduled Outage - Outage No. 3 Reminder.

The copying of data has taken longer than initially expected and so it has become necessary to shift the outage window back 24 hours starting 6am Sunday, 2014.

QCIF wishes to apologise for any inconvenience caused by this change. However, Sunday was chosen as it was the least disruptive option with the least impact upon the scheduled work to enhance the capacity of the data services at QRIScloud Polaris Datacenter.

This outage will affect all collections currently hosted at QRIScloud Brisbane's Polaris Data Centre (see up to date list here). Other QRIScloud Collections hosted at UQ St Lucia and QRIScloud Townsville Data Services will NOT be impacted by these scheduled outages. QRIScloud Compute (NeCTAR VM) services will NOT be directly impacted but collections storage accessed by those VMs and hosted at Polaris will not be accessible.

It is likely that services will be restored earlier than the scheduled outage completion time. An advisory notice will appear on the QRIScloud service desk portal when the services have been restored.

If you have any concerns about this outage or need more information, please contact the QRIScloud Service Desk via email or phone +61 7 3346 4334.

QCIF will provide reminders on the day before the outage. 

Thanks for your assistance and support in enabling this important improvement to QRIScloud services.

Rico Albanese
QRIScloud Service Manager

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