QRIScloud Brisbane Stage 3 - Outage No. 1 Initial Advice


QRIScloud Brisbane Stage 3 - Outage No. 1 Initial Advice

APPROVED R Bull 31/10/2014

FROM: QRIScloud Support

SUBJECT: PLANNED OUTAGES - QRIScloud Brisbane Data Services (St Lucia) - 6:00 am to 10:00 am Saturday 8 November

Please be advised that there will be a brief scheduled outage for users of QRIScloud Brisbane data services (collections, collections development) hosted at the UQ St Lucia data centre:

6:00 am to 10:00 am Saturday 8 November.

This outage will affect all collections currently hosted at QRIScloud Brisbane's St Lucia Data Centre (see list below). Other QRIScloud Collections hosted at QRIScloud Townsville Data Services will NOT be impacted by these scheduled outages. QRIScloud Compute (NeCTAR VM) services will NOT be directly impacted but collections storage accessed by those VMs and hosted at St Lucia will not be accessible.

NOTE: There is a separate planned outage for QRIScloud Brisbane Data Services at Polaris. Please see QRIScloud Brisbane Stage 3 - Initial Outage Advice for more details

This outage is required to upgrade existing collections infrastructure in readiness to deliver the full planned QRIScloud range of data storage services. It requires upgrades to existing equipment at the current St Lucia data centre facility only. Our service provider UQ Research Computing Centre and Vendor SGI have worked with QCIF to eliminate any business hours impact and have opted to undertake the work during the routine maintenance window.

It is likely that services will be restored earlier than the scheduled outage completion time. An advisory notice will appear on the QRIScloud service desk portal when the services have been restored.

If you have any concerns about this outage or need more information, please contact the QRIScloud Service Desk via email or phone +61 7 3346 4223.

QCIF will provide reminders approximately one week prior, one day before and on the day of the outage.

QRIScloud Data Collections Impacted:

Q0002 Paper Miner: Geo-Temporal Indexes for Australian Newspapers Online
Q0003 All future climate layers for Australia
Q0004 The Global Reef Record
Q0005 Queensland Transport and Main Roads (DTMR) Airborne, Mobile and Terrestrial Laser Scanning imagery and Ortho-rectified Photography
Q0006 Keppel Islands reefs mapping data 2008
Q0007 eResearch Australasia conference recordings, 2010-2012
Q0010 QUT Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation Collaboration Space
Q0013 Normative MRI based phenotypic models of morphological structure
Q0014 Landsat Data and Processing Pipeline
Q0016 TerraNova - Climate Change Adaptation Information Hub
Q0018 Coral community data of the Wide Bay - Burnett coastal fringing reefs main study
Q0019 Quadrant Data Store
Q0020 Historical coastlines (community perspectives) : manuscript and images archive
Q0021 Coral Community Data of Coastal Fringing Reefs: Pilot Study
Q0022 Next Generation Sequence Data for Non-model Organisms
Q0023 Biodiversity and Climate Change Virtual Laboratory
Q0024 Plants of Central Queensland Images Archive
Q0026 ARC Centre of Excellence for Particle Physics at the Terascale (CoEPP)
Q0027 Blast Formatted NGS Data for TAGdb
Q0029 Anthropology Museum Digital Storage
Q0031 UCSC ENCODE Genome Data Set
Q0032 Breast Cancer Database
Q0034 Chickpea Gbrowse data
Q0035 Plant NGS Data - MISEQ
Q0036 Wallace Initiative v1.0: Current and projected species and biodiversity distribution maps for ~50,000 global terrestrial species (Avian, Reptiles, Amphibians, Mammals and Plants) for 6 emission scenarios, 7 global circulation models and 3 time slices (202
Q0037 Wallace Initiative v2.0: Current and project species and biodiversity distribution maps for ~85,000 global species (marine & terrestrial) for 9 emission scenarios, 18 global circulation models and 8 decadal time slices - 10km resolution Note: Wallace Ini
Q0038 Genetic Regulation of Red Blood Cell Formation in Mice
Q0039 Test Space for QCIF Data Ingest
Q0040 Test Space for OwnCloud Evaluation
Q0041 Solomon Islands History
Q0042 Climate Change Impact Assessments
Q0043 Weather Models
Q0044 CTBCC geospatial data
Q0045 Marxan software archive
Q0047 Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Q0048 Leukoseq: A targeted genome sequencing cohort analysis of paediatric leukodystrophy
Q0049 CMLR Data Centre
Q0050 EDGAR - Current and Future Distribution Models for Australian Bird Species + CliMAS - Climate Maps for Australian Species
Q0052 Next-generation sequencing of COLO-829 tumour/normal melanoma cell line pair
Q0055 Bush.fm - Environmental acoustic data set from the Australian Supersite Network
Q0056 Selected Queensland Historical Aerial Photos, Sediment Budget Modelling Primary Data, Bank Erosion Research Geotechnical Field Data, and Satellite imagery
Q0057 High Resolution Ocean Modelling for South-East Queensland
Q0059 Acoustic surveys for Assa darlingtoni and Philoria spp. (Anura: Myobatrachidae) in Eastern Australia
Q0061 Crop Trait Mining Informatics Platform
Q0062 1 second SRTM Derived Digital Elevation Models (DEM)
Q0063 3D Wave-Seabed-Structure Interaction (3D WSSI)
Q0064 Oral Cancer Massively Parallel Sequencing Data
Q0066 Test Space for University of the Sunshine Coast
Q0067 UniDive Point Lookout Ecological Assessment Marine Conservation
Q0068 Tropical Biological Video Library: HD and 5K
Q0069 Test Space for University of Southern Queensland
Q0070 Australian Longitudinal Study on Women
Q0071 Beef Cattle Genomics Data Collection (QAAFI Centre for Animal Science)
Q0072 Dustwatch Modelled Data Collection
Q0075 Maize Crop Simulation Using APSIM in the Northern Grains Region
Q0078 Global Climate Models
Q0080 Spatial Datasets for Integrated Climate Impact and Adaptation Research in Australia
Q0081 QGC Coal Seam Gas Seismic Data
Q0087 Backup for Intersect Configuration Data
Q0091 Behavioural Ecology Research Group Data Collection
Q0097 Australian Centre for Sustainable Business and Development Collaborative Data Space

Thanks for your feedback and support in enabling this important improvement to QRIScloud services.

Graham Chen

eResearch manager


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