NeCTAR Research Cloud Outage - Melbourne-qh2


The following communication was received from the Research Cloud Support Team in Melbourne.

This is information regarding a scheduled outage to the NeCTAR Research Cloud.

DURATION: 24 hours
START TIME: 09:00 AEST Tue Apr 29th 2014
END TIME: 09:00 AEST Wed Apr 30th 2014

A 24 hour outage is required to relocate and upgrade the cloud storage infrastructure at the University of Melbourne. Only instances in the melbourne-qh2 availability zone will be affected. The upgrade will bring further stability and increased performance to this availability zone.

All instances in the melbourne-qh2 availability zone will be shut down and will be inaccessible during the outage. Instances will NOT be destroyed, only shut down. This zone will be offline during the outage period and no requests to the zone will be processed. Users have the option of relocating instances to other availability zones prior to the outage. At present there is reasonable spare capacity across the cloud to start instances elsewhere, however this capacity may decrease as the outage date approaches. 


  • It is recommended that users complete their own backups, snapshots or otherwise copy data to somewhere other than the melbourne-qh2 zone
  • Once backups are complete, it is recommended that users detach volumes and shut down their own instances. If a user is unable to do so, the instances will be shut down at the outage start time
  • Ensure that the above items are completed well in advance of the outage start time
  • After the outage, users will be required to restart their own instances

If you have any queries regarding this outage, please contact us by email: or through the support forum:

We apologise sincerely for any inconvenience caused by this outage. 


The NeCTAR Research Cloud Support Team

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