Advice: Problem with QRIScloud floating IPs and private networks - 2017-12-18


There is currently a problem affecting certain aspects of QRIScloud networking - specifically floating IPs and private networks.

A ticket has been raised with the upstream network provider to address the problem.

Further updates will be posted here.

UPDATE - 2017-12-18 - 13:55 - Further information from the upstream network provider:   some infrastructure works have damaged a fibre cable connected to the Polaris data centre impacting several Polaris networks.   There is currently no ETA on when repair is likely.

UPDATE - 2017-12-18 - 15:20 - Work to move floating IPs and tenant network traffic off the affected infrastructure has been undertaken. This solution allows for tenant networks to span the QRIScloud and Melbourne availability zones, however, will not yet work with Tasmania or Monash (additional work will be required for this solution to work for these availability zones). It also re-enables floating IP addresses in the QRIScloud AZ.

UPDATE - 2017-12-19 - 17:30 - The network provider has completed repairs on the affected fibre cable and has restored all affected network services. If you are still experiencing any networking related issues please open a support request.

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