Advice: QRIScloud NeCTAR rolling upgrades: 2017-11-13 onwards.


Starting on the afternoon of Monday 13th November, we will be performing further NeCTAR OpenStack upgrades, this time on the "nova-compute" services running on the compute nodes in QRIScloud.  This is part of the NeCTAR-wide upgrade to the OpenStack "Newton" release.

The upgrades will be done as "rolling upgrades"; i.e. one node at a time, a few compute nodes a day until all have been upgraded.  The QRIScloud-HA compute nodes will be done last.

We anticipate that there will be no user-visible impact to QRIScloud users.

In the event that the upgrades run into unexpected problems, NeCTAR Dashboard operations (e.g. launching, snapshotting, rebooting) may stop working for a few minutes for an affected compute node.  The instances themselves will be unaffected.

UPDATE: The upgrades happened without incident.

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