Advice: Polaris networking outage window - 2017-10-21 8am to 2017-10-22 8am


We have been advised by AARNET that they will be performing fibre splicing / network maintenance on network links out of the UQ St Lucia campus.  This will affect the 10G links from UQ to Polaris, as well as other UQ network links.  We have been told that the outage could be up to 8 hours.

We believe that connections to Polaris over the public internet will be unaffected.  However, access to user-facing QRIScloud and UQ / RCC services via the UQ networks (including the UQ VPN) are likely to be disrupted.  This is also likely to affect other services such as:

  • Medici transfers between UQ and Polaris caches,
  • off-site replication of RDS collections from Polaris to St Lucia, and
  • delivery of email from Polaris to (or via) the UQ mail servers.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

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