Advice: Tinaroo / Flashlite / Awoonga shutdown - 2017-09-30 to 2017-10-02 (am)


On Saturday 30th September, the Tinaroo,  Flashlite and Awoonga systems will be shut down to perform essential maintenance on the file servers that hold the shared "/home", "/30days" and "/90days" file systems.

In preparation for this shutdown, the systems' job queues will be progressively disabled:

  • Jobs that have already started will be allowed to complete.
  • Other jobs will remain queued, and will be allowed to start once the maintenance work is completed.

The "long walltime" (2 week) queues will be turned off today.

We anticipate that the maintenance work will be started at 6am on Saturday 30th September, and the systems should be returned to service by Monday morning 2nd October.

Users do not need to take any special precautions.  However, we remind you that there are NO BACKUPS for the HPC systems' "/home", "/30days" and "/90days" file systems.  You should be making your own backup arrangements for any valuable data.

We apologize for any disruption that this shutdown of the HPC facilities may cause you.

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