Advice: Transitioning from Euramoo to Awoonga


QCIF recently announced that the Euramoo cluster is being re-built into a new high performance compute cluster called Awoonga. As a user of the Euramoo cluster, you need to be aware that Euramoo will cease operating by the 30th of September. During August and through September, compute nodes that comprise the Euramoo cluster will be progressively removed from Euramoo, upgraded, and added into the Awoonga cluster. Euramoo’s AMD nodes are not being added into the Awoonga cluster, and instead will be added into the Australian Research Cloud to boost capacity for Virtual Machines.

The Awoonga cluster is available for use, albeit with a small number of compute nodes. By the end of September Awoonga will be operating with its full complement of Intel compute nodes

Users with an account on Euramoo have automatically been provided with an account on Awoonga. The login nodes can be reached by using SSH to the host using the same credentials that you use to log in to Euramoo.

To help with migrating your scripts and data from Euramoo to Awoonga, some of Euramoo’s file system have been made accessible on Awoonga in /euramoo. Within this directory, you can access Euramoo’s /sw, /home, and /30days filesystems. Further information, including support for BioLinux, is available in the modules system on Awoonga, and can be viewed with the command:

    xxxx@awoonga1:~> module load README/Euramoo_Migration

A User Guide for Awoonga is available on the QRIScloud documentation webpage. The Awoonga cluster shares its file system with two other clusters, FlashLite and Tinaroo, making it easier for users to work across clusters with their data.

Over the coming week, QCIF will provide a detailed schedule for when Euramoo’s job queues will cease to accept new job submissions.  
In the meantime, Euramoo is still available for your compute workloads, however, we do invite you to trial your jobs on Awoonga to:

  1. start migrating your job scripts from Euramoo over to Awoonga
  2. help identify any issues that need to be addressed.

One upcoming service interruption to be aware of is that the GPFS cluster serving FlashLite, Tinaroo, and Awoonga requires a firmware upgrade and a software upgrade to be performed. This will be done by UQ RCC in conjunction with the vendor, however, the timing for this upgrade is yet to be confirmed.

If you have any questions, please contact QRIScloud Support.


UPDATE: 2017-09-07 - Shutdown schedule for job queues on Euramoo

Thursday, 14th of September - The Long wall time queue will be suspended for new job submissions.

Thursday, 21st of September - All remaining queues will be suspended for new job submissions.

Thursday, 28th of September - Euramoo will be shutdown.


UPDATE: 2017-09-27 - The Euramoo shutdown has happened


UPDATE: 2017-10-16 - Transition notes:

  • The remaining Intel compute nodes are due to be added to Awoonga later this week.  This should substantially increase the cluster's compute capacity.
  • The "local scratch" file system on compute nodes ($TMPDIR) is substantially smaller than it was on Euramoo.  It is now 200GB shared by 24 cores versus 500GB shared by 10 virtual cores.  If this causes problems for you, the best advice is to use Tinaroo or Flashlite instead.


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