Advice: Xenial upgrades and QRIScloud support services


As noted in a previous announcement, we are performing Xenial upgrades in QRIScloud today and tomorrow.  The Xenial upgrades will affect QRIScloud support services as follows:

  • The main QRIScloud portal and related services and APIs will go offline at the same time.  QRIScloud users will not be able to submit requests for new services, make changes to collection access groups and so on.  Also, the relay mail server that redirects "" email will also be offline, though emails should not bounce.
  • The QRIScloud subsites that provide various QRIScloud usage reporting will go offline independently.
  • The QCIF website will go offline independently.

The UQ IDMP services that depend on QRIScloud service APIs will be affected when the service APIs go down.

Access to QRIScloud collections via "Standard Access" services should not be affected.  QRIScloud Mediaflux should not be affected.

The QRIScloud Zendesk site ( should be operational throughout, and you can always talk to us by phone (07 3346 4202).  All "help desk" content on Zendesk (such as this announcement) will be available throughout.

UPDATE: the work as been completed.

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