Advice: Euramoo partial outages for Xenial upgrade


As noted in a previous announcement, we are performing Xenial upgrades in QRIScloud today and tomorrow.  This will affect Euramoo users when the hosts that run NeCTAR instances which are components of the Euramoo infrastructure are upgraded.  The outages are likely to be roughly 30 minutes for each service component.

  • The load-balancer ( will go offline, and all login sessions going through it will be terminated.  While the load-balancer is offline, you can connect in the normal way via the Euramoo login nodes; i.e.,, and
  • The PBS server will go down.  While PBS is down, Euramoo will not accept new jobs; i.e. "qsub" and related commands won't work.
  • The Maui scheduler might go down. The scheduler runs on two separate compute nodes, and should be resilient to the outages. If it does go down, jobs will not be scheduled to Euramoo compute nodes.
  • The licensing proxy server for MATLAB will go down.  While it is down, jobs that attempt to start MATLAB will fail.

With the possible exception of MATLAB jobs (see above), queued and running Euramoo jobs will not be affected.  Euramoo compute nodes and login nodes are not being upgraded at this time.

Unfortunately, the complexity of the Xenial upgrade process means that we cannot give specific times when the above disruptions will occur.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

UPDATE: the work has been completed.

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