Advice: QRIScloud GPFS hazard - 2017-06-05 (morning)


QRIScloud operations need to apply priority software patches to the 2 HA (high availability) GPFS servers in Polaris this morning. We anticipate that the patches will be applied smoothly with zero impact on file access or performance. 

During the procedure, there will be time windows where only one of the two servers is running.  In the (unlikely) event of a secondary outage during the window, the data in GPFS will be temporarily inaccessible.

The systems that would be affected in the unlikely event of a secondary outage are:

  • Flashlite and Tinaroo's user file systems ("/home", "/30days", "/90days")
  • QRIScloud collections that are backed by GPFS.
  • QRIScloud's Nextcloud service.

 UPDATE - 2017-06-05 11:55 - The updates have been completed.  (It was necessary to reboot the Nextcloud server to fix a related issue.)

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