Advice: QRIScloud NeCTAR hazard - 2017-03-21 to 2017-03-24


From Tuesday 21st to Friday 24th March, we will be upgrading the Neutron services in QRIScloud and the Nova Compute service on each QRIScloud compute node.  This is part of the NeCTAR mandated OpenStack Mitaka upgrade sequence.

We expect there will be no detectable service interruptions.  The Neutron upgrade will be completed first, and then the Nova Compute upgrade will be performed progressively.  The Neutron services are triply redundant, and rollback strategies are in place in case of unforeseen problems. 

In the worst case there could be:

  • possible short-term problems with launching and managing QRIScloud instances,
  • possible QRIScloud instance reboots on some compute nodes, and 
  • possible short-term network disruption for QRIScloud instances that rely on Neutron private networking.

There is no need to take any precautions, though it is advisable to check that your instance backups are up to date.

If you notice any problems during the hazard period, please raise a Support ticket by emailing <>.

UPDATE - 2017-03-23 - 15:15 - The Neutron upgrade was made without a hitch.  The Nova Compute upgrades are in progress, and should complete tomorrow.

UPDATE - 2017-03-27 - 14:25 - The Nova Compute upgrades were completed on Friday without any incidents.


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